Fair Trade Event Program

FT Event LogoThe Fair Trade Event designation recognizes events that demonstrate a strong commitment to fair trade and Fairtrade certified products. To become a designated event, organizers need to submit a completed application form demonstrating compliance with the requirements listed below. The application and additional information can be found at http://cftn.ca/fair-trade-event-resources

Fair Trade Event Requirements

  1. Availability of Fairtrade certified Products
  2. Commitment from Partners
  3. Promotion and Awareness

Submitting an Application

The Fair Trade Event Committee is responsible for meeting all requirements of the Fair Trade Event Designation and for submitting the application. Fair Trade Event Designations are awarded based on a joint review by Fairtrade Canada, the Canadian Fair Trade Network (CFTN) and the Association Québécoise du Commerce Équitable (AQCÉ).

The Fair Trave Event Program provides two opportunities for designation:

Public Event 

If you're organizaing a conference, festival, concert or any other type of event that is open to the public, you can become Fair Trade designated by this application process.

Applications should be sent to communications(at)fairtrade.cainfo(at)cftn.ca and info(at)assoquebecequitable.org.

Private Event 

If you're organizing a wedding, a Sunday brunch, a baby shower or a hockey party - your friend or family gathering can become Fair Trade designated by using this online application process