Fair Trade School Program

FT SchoolsThe Fair Trade School program recognizes schools demonstrating strong commitment to fair trade among its administration, teachers, and students. It has a long-term vision for awareness and support of fair trade, and has been designed to provide resources to suit a range of educational goals. The Fair Trade Schools Guide and Requirements summary sheet can be found: http://cftn.ca/fair-trade-school-resources

Fair Trade School Requirements

  1. Fair Trade School Steering Committee
  2. Classroom Learning
  3. Product Availability
  4. Visibility and Engagement

Submitting an Application

The Fair Trade School Steering Committee is responsible for meeting all requirements of the Fair Trade School Designation and for submitting the application. Fair Trade School Designations are awarded based on a joint review by Fairtrade Canada, the Canadian Fair Trade Network (CFTN) and the Association Québécoise du Commerce Équitable (AQCÉ).

Applications should be sent to communications(at)fairtrade.cainfo(at)cftn.ca and info(at)assoquebecequitable.org.

Looking Forward

Fair Trade School groups are educating the next generation of global-minded Canadians. These groups learn about supply chains, food security, and international trade, and discover the values of trade equity and sustainability. We want to see
the Fair Trade School program continue to gain momentum across Canada.

We want to help grow Fair Trade School designations.

  • Our goal is to have 100 Fair Trade Schools designated by December 2020, including one Fair Trade School in every major school district in Canada

We will help promote program involvement through various means of community outreach and relationship building.

  • We will partner with like-minded organizations, e.g., Breakfast Clubs of Canada and provincial teachers’ federations/associations
  • Attend conferences, e.g., Canadian Teachers Federation Conference and UNESCO, to build relationships
  • We will provide support to help school groups drive campaigns including World Fair Trade Day and the Canadian Fairtrade Awards

We will collaborate with teachers, administrators, and government to develop educational resources that integrate with curricula and support program growth.

  • We will develop and launch a new Fair Trade School program curriculum
  • Funding opportunities for teachers and schools will be researched and shared 

We will support long-term group sustainability and engagement within Fair Trade School committees

  • We will support Fair Trade School committees by developing postdesignation marketing materials, e.g., brochures and point-of-sale information cards
  • The designation renewal process will be streamlined to include an effective and useful monitoring and evaluation framework