Fair Trade Town Program

FT Town LogoThe Fair Trade Town program recognizes municipalities demonstrating strong commitment to fair trade from its community stakeholders, including local municipal authorities (such as a city council), businesses, community groups, and individual members. It has a long-term vision for awareness and support of fair trade, and has been designed to address the needs and opportunities available from a range of different communities, large and small, across Canada. The Fair Trade Town program in Canada is part of a global movement that, as of 2017, recognizes close to 2,000 around the world. 

Fair Trade Town Requirements

  1. Fair Trade Town Steering Committee
  2. Product Availability
  3. Public Awareness and Education
  4. Community Support
  5. Political Support

Submitting an Application

The Fair Trade Town Steering Committee is responsible for meeting all requirements of the Fair Trade Town Designation and for submitting the application. Fair Trade Towns Designations are awarded based on a joint review by Fairtrade Canada, the Canadian Fair Trade Network (CFTN) and the Association Québécoise du Commerce Équitable (AQCÉ). Applications should be sent to communications(at)fairtrade.cainfo(at)cftn.ca and info(at)assoquebecequitable.org.

Annual Renewal

The Fair Trade Town designation is a badge of honor for your hard work promoting and supporting trade justice throughout your Town. To maintain the integrity of the designation, Fair Trade Towns must submit an annual renewal on July 1st. We will contact you with your renewal instructions when it's time to renew. After two reminder emails we will begin the process of de-designating your Town. Fair Trade Towns that have been de-designated must undertake the application process from the beginning if they wish to be re-designated.