Fair Trade Workplace Program


The Fair Trade Workplace designation encourages people to be mindful of the true value of labour and the cost of production. It acknowledges that solidarity between workers everywhere is an important step towards a more just world. You work hard every day, so you understand how important it is that you are compensated fairly for the work you do. By making your workplace fair trade, you create opportunities both for farmers and workers in the Global South but also for the people right in your office. The application and additional information can be found at http://cftn.ca/fair-trade-workplace-resources.

Fair Trade Workplace Requirements

The Fair Trade Workplace designation is awarded to workplaces that meet all the criteria within these three requirements:

  1. Committee - A Fair Trade Committee must be formed of the workplace’s staff and management to ensure continued commitment to the Fair Trade Workplace designation.
  2. Product Availability - There must be available for both staff and visitors Fairtrade certified coffee, tea and a third product from a different category, such as sugar, chocolate, or bananas.
  3. Visibility and Awareness - The workplace must be promoting its fair trade commitment by having promotional and informational material available to both staff and visitors.

Submitting an Application

The Fair Trade Workplace committee is responsible for meeting all requirements of the Fair Trade Workplace Designation and for submitting the application. Fair Trade Workplace Designations are awarded based on a joint review by Fairtrade Canada, the Canadian Fair Trade Network (CFTN) and the Association Québécoise du Commerce Équitable (AQCÉ).

Applications should be completed online.

Annual Renewal

Every Fair Trade Workplace is required to submit its annual renewal by July 1 each year after its initial application. Click here to renew and receive the renewal certificate.