Who are we?

ChocoMotive is an artisanal chocolate factory that produces for the public, fine boutiques, pastries and restaurants and holds a Transfair Canada license. This means that ChocoMotive uses only certified organic and fair trade chocolate, sugar and cocoa. Unlike other quality chocolates, ours does not contain any soya lecithin.

In August 2010, ChocoMotive moved into the old Montebello station and became the first Économusée in the Outaouais.


An ÉCONOMUSÉE® is a craft or agri-food company that uses an authentic technique or know-how for its production. Offering a place of interpretation of the production and opening its workshop to the public, such an enterprise emphasizes the craftsmen and the trades.

What we offer

In addition to a traditional range of pralines and seasonal moldings, we also offer a variety of organic and fair trade chocolates as well as a line of chocolates made from local, indigenous products.

We are also custodians of the Cacao Camino brand produced by Cooperative La Siembra ( In addition, we offer gifts for companies, private introductory classes for the manufacture of fine chocolates (for 1 to 2 people) and products specially designed for fundraising. You can find in our shop products from the Outaouais and Quebec

As the Outaouais region is known for being a welcoming region, all artists performing at the Salle Odyssée at the Maison de la Culture in Gatineau, at Salle La Basoche, Salle Jean-Despréz and Théâtre de l'Île Receive products from ChocoMotive. Maybe one day, will we talk about ChocoMotive as a chocolate artist?

Available Products: