Fair Trade Manitoba

In 2006, MCIC became involved in the efforts of individuals and groups around the province to heighten Manitobans’  awareness of fair trade through Fair Trade Manitoba, now a program of MCIC. 

Fair Trade Manitoba was established as a member-driven organization. From the beginning, it was understood that MCIC would provide a home, staff time, and leadership to this effort. MCIC staff have participated in planning and organizing, and have provided receipts for charitable donations to FTM.

MCIC is excited to have the opportunity to continue building on the work of Fair Trade Manitoba. Fair trade relates directly to MCIC’s development principles for supporting our members’ overseas projects. Fair trade also figures prominently in our on-going public engagement work, which promotes the attainment of the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals

For Manitobans, purchasing fair trade products provides an opportunity to be active global citizens, where actions here in Manitoba can impact positively on the lives of farmers and artisans in the global South.



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Provincial Non-profit Organization Partner