Fair Trade Nakusp

Two members of The Sustainability Club in Nakusp brought the idea of becoming a Fair Trade Town back to their Club. Member Alyshia Gustafson loved the idea and headed up the working group to make Nakusp a Fair Trade Town. Fairtrade Canada officially recognized the small Kootenay community as BC's first Fair Trade Town.

Fair Trade Towns are communities that officially promote Fair Trade products and have met a variety of criteria related to consumption of those products, public education, and municipal commitment.

The concept began in the town of Garstang in the United Kingdom, and quickly spread throughout the country and beyond to become an international movement. Though the UK leads in the number of communities recognized as Fair Trade Towns, movements exist in countries around the world including much of Europe, Australia, the United States and Brazil.

British Columbia
Fair Trade Designation: 
Yes - complete
Designation date: 
April 29th, 2009
Designation number in Canada: