Fair Trade Wakefield/La Peche

Wakefield (La Pêche) has proudly achieved official “Fair Trade Town” status as designated by FairTrade Canada

This means that as a community, we are committed to developing a more ethical and sustainable approach to consumerism by supporting local economies both at home and abroad. 

We are a Fair Trade Town – What does this mean?

It means our town has lots of folks open to helping farmers in less developed countries provide a better quality of life for their families and communities. It means that we are proudly committed to the idea of ethical consumerism and will continue to spread the word about giving a fair deal to producers both at home and abroad..

What is Certified Fair Trade?

Farmers who are part of the fair trade system are guaranteed decent prices for their goods. See Fair Trade Facts for more information. Plus you’ll find more details on how this system works at TransFair Canada: www.transfair.ca.

What is a Fair Trade Town?

Here’s a little history on the concept: Since the late 1990’s the U.K.’s Fairtrade Foundation has been encouraging towns to have fair trade products like coffee, tea, sugar and chocolate for sale and served at a number of area businesses, churches and schools. Fair trade events are also planned with some fun and educational activities thrown in. Today there are more than 250 fair trade towns in the U.K., and hundreds more across Europe. TransFair Canada, the organization that certifies and promotes fair trade in Canada, has continued this inspired tradition. The first Fair Trade Town in Canada was Wolfville, Nova Scotia – we are the second in Canada!

How did Wakefield (La Pêche) snag this honour?

It was only natural for us to make history as Quebec’s first certified Fair Trade Town since local businesses and consumers have been supporting this relatively new industry for as long as fair trade has been alive in Canada – about 10 years. Under the leadership of Anne Winship, local resident and owner of Beanfair Coffee, fair trade enthusiasts, local business owners, and representatives of community organizations got together to ensure that Wakefield would achieve this milestone. Our local council as well as many of our schools and churches have agreed to use fair trade coffee, tea and sugar at events and in their daily operations. The La Pêche Municipal Council has also done its part by passing a resolution supporting the initiative. The Fair Trade Town program includes an ethical and sustainable consumption aspect. We’ve got lots of ideas on this one, starting with promoting locally made and grown goods. What could be better? Helping producers far away and close by…the best of both worlds! Let’s keep the momentum going..

Wakefield/La Peche
Fair Trade Designation: 
Yes - complete
Designation date: 
November 9th, 2007
Designation number in Canada: