McGill University

During the summer of 2013, Fair Trade Canada recognized McGill University’s commitment to Fair Trade purchases and awarded McGill with the Fair Trade Campus designation, thanks to the collaboration between McGill Engineers Without Borders, McGill Student Housing and Hospitality Services, ARAMARK, McGill Office of Sustainability and McGill faculty members.

Why Fair Trade

Fair trade is a market-based system that aims to influence international trade practices towards greater social and environmental sustainability. With this approach, Fair Trade builds mutually beneficial relationships between producers and consumers.

  • Fair Trade products represent higher social, environmental and pay standards for farmers, artisans and worker.
  • Campus support for fair trade products represents large-scale commitments to responsible procurement and supporting human rights around the world.

All Fair Trade coffee, Fair Trade teas and Camino chocolates are available in all residence dining halls, non-franchised Campus cafés, the Student Society of McGill (SSMU) as well as through our main on-campus service provider.

McGill now aims to include Fair Trade certified tropical fruit, sugar and cotton t-shirts in purchases.

Fair Trade Designation: 
Yes - complete
Designation date: 
June, 2013
Designation number in Canada: