• Organic avocado production began in Uruapan, Mexico, as a pilot project of a local university in 1994.
  • In 2001, 19 organic avocado producers formed the cooperative Pragor (Productores deAguacate Organico).
  • Using their shared experience to improve organic production methods, the collective formed a partnership with Fairtrasa to market and export their produce at a fair price under the Fair Trade system.

Fair Trade premiums have meant Pragor members can improve their farms and convert more acreage to organic production. The famers make collective decisions on how to use the premiums to fund social projects that benefit their entire community such as a school for handicapped children, a drinking water well, and paving roads between remote villages. Since teaming up withFairtrasa, the cooperative has grown to 95 members and has seen their sales increase by 2,000%. With each one of the avocadoes now sold in over 12 countries, they are improving their living conditions and rising out of poverty.

Information provided by Interrupcion Fair Trade and Fairtrasa.

Information on the Pragor collective can be found here.


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