Ingredient Based Food Product

As increasing numbers of products are becoming available on the market, growth in ingredient based products has taken off. Ingredient based products must meet mimum dry weight standards and comply with the "everything that can be, must be" rule, where if an ingredient is available as Fairtrade certified, it must be included. Among others, cereal, Gum, Ice cream and Soy sauce are now available as Fair Trade.


cerealConsisting of different grains and nuts, cereal is now available as Fairtrade certified!


gumAn ingreditn baed product available as Fairtrade certified 

Ice Cream

ice creamAn ingredient based product, which different nuts, sugars and flavors. Ice Cream is now available Fairtrade certified!

Soy Sauce

soy sauceSoy Sauce is made using four simple ingredients, soy beans, rice, water, and salt. Similar to making cheese, a mould is used to consume the soy beans. This mould is called "aspergillus sojae", and is added to the soy beans and rice to make a mash called "koji". Once this mould has consumed the soy beans, and this process takes weeks, it's added to the saltwater mixture and left to ferment. The use of this process is estimated to be more than 2000 years old.