DesignationsCanada’s fair trade movement centres around the Fair Trade Towns, Campuses, and Schools programs, and are supported by ancillary programs: Fair Trade Events, Workplaces, Faith Groups and Ambassadors. These programs recognize Canadians who advocate for fair trade in their communities, to public institutions, and all levels of government. While these programs are growing, there is so much potential.

Our aim is to grow these numbers to drive demand change. By partnering with Fairtrade Canada and working with l’Association québécoise du commerce équitable (AQCÉ) to engage French-speaking communities, we can expand the impact, depth, and scope of the fair trade movement.

To grow the number of Fair Trade Designations, we are work to maintain regular contact with advocates and arrange as many in-person meetings as possible. We work to support advocates with resources and guidance as people engage their communities, public institutions, and all levels of government.

These programs recognize communities and institutions demonstrating strong commitment to a long-term vision of awareness and support of fair trade. As part of a worldwide community, recognition from these programs helps increase awareness for fair trade and unlocks opportunities among businesses to meet the growing demand for Fairtrade certified products. 

Visit our Designations Map to learn more about Canada's Designated Towns, Campuses & Schools.

For Campus, School and Town application, please click on the respective program ("Materials") to find the application form.
For Event, Workplace and Faith Group, you can apply through a simple online survey response. See below for each link:
-Fair Trade Event online application
-Fair Trade Workplace online application
-Fair Trade Faith Group online application

Whether you're looking for posters to help your campaign, brochures to education about Fairtrade certification, or mechandising materials to support Fairtrade products on display, Fairtrade Canada has a wide range of resources available to order. Learn more.