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Daniel Jaffee, Jack R. Kloppenburg, and Mario B. Monroy Bringing the ‘‘Moral Charge’’ Home: Fair Trade Within the North and Within the South 2004 Fair trade is typically understood as an alternative market system that aims to right historically inequitable terms of trade between the geopolitical North and South and foster more direct producer/c
Deidre Shaw and Ian Clarke Belief Formation in Ethical Consumer Groups: An Exploratory Study 1999 Belief formation is a neglected part of research in consumer behaviour and a potentially valuable area of study for helping to clarify the conditions under which they relate to actual patterns of beha
Mary Mellor and Geoff Moore Business for a social purpose: Traidcraft and Shared Interest 2005 Mary Mellor and Geoff Moore present case studies of two organizations that have Corporate Social Responsibility in the form of social purpose at the heart of their theory and practice.
Peter Edward Business and development - Towards re-politicisation 2009 This paper proposes a heuristic model that aims to render more visible tensions concerning the role of the invisible hand of the market with respect to development.