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Daniel Jaffee and Philip Howard Corporate cooptation of organic and fair trade standards 2011 Recent years have seen a substantial increase in alternative agrifood initiatives that attempt to use the market to curtail the negative social and environmental effects of production and trade in a g
Geoff Moore, Richard Slack, and Jane Gibbon Criteria for Responsible Business Practice in SMEs: An exploratory case of U.K. Fair Trade Organisations 2009 This paper develops a set of 16 criteria, divided into four groupings, for responsible business practice (RBP) in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) drawn from the existing SME/RBP literature.
Iain Davies CSR in SMEs: Investigating Employee Engagement in Fair Trade Companies 2009 Ensuring employee buy-in to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is important in ensuring overall Small and Medium Size Enterprise (SME) engagement with CSR (Jones, 2006).
Philip Howard and Patricia Allen Consumer willingness to pay for domestic 'fair trade': evidence from the United States 2008 The success of fair trade labels for food products imported from the Global South has attracted interest from producers and activists in the Global North.
Matthias Zick Varul Consuming the Campesino: Fairtrade Marketing between Recognition and Romantic Commodification 2008 This paper aims to reconstruct the everyday moral plausibility of fair trade consumerism by linking it back to an analysis of the moral grammar of capitalist consumer culture and understanding it as b
Caroline Wright and Gilma Madrid Contesting Fair Trade in Colombia's Cut-Flower Industry: A Case of Cultural Injustice 2007 Based on a case study of Colombia’s cut-flower industry, this article draws strategically on Nancy Fraser’s model of (in)justice to explore the mutual entwinement of culture and economy.
Caroline Wright Consuming lives, consuming landscapes: interpreting advertisements for Cafedirect coffees 2004 This paper analyses newspaper advertising for the fairtrade coffee company Cafédirect, focusing particularly on the ways UK consumers are urged to transform unequal social relations with coffee produc
Michael Goodman Consuming Narratives: the political ecology of alternative consumption 2004 This paper examines how political ecology themes of tropical conservation and social justice become representational practices underpinning ‘alternative’ consumption in the North.
Susanne Freidberg Cleaning up Down South: Supermarkets, Ethical Trade and African Horticulture 2003 Supermarkets in Great Britain have joined the country's Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) in order to demonstrate their commitment to social welfare and environmental standards in their supply cha
Robert Rice Coffee production in a time of crisis: social and environmental connections 2003 The coffee industry rests upon the production of a global commodity that has grown two-fold in volume and 3.
Sue McGregor Consumerism as a source of structural violence 2003 Capitalistic consumerism needs an infrastructure in order to continue to manifest itself.
Sue McGregor Consumer entitlement, narcissism, and immoral consumption 2003 The premise of this paper is that a sense of an entitlement to consume, in combination with narcissistic pride, ego, vanity, conceit, and arrogance, leads to the untenable situation of morally irrespo
Tim Bartley Certifying Forests and Factories: States, Social Movements, and the Rise of Private Regulation in the Apparel and Forest Products Fields 2003 Systems of private regulation based on certification have recently emerged to address environmental issues in the forest products industry and labor issues in the apparel industry.
Susanne Freidberg Culture, Conventions, and Colonial Constructs of Rurality in South-North Horticultural Trades 2003 This paper draws on comparative social history and convention theory to examine current transformations in the contemporary Anglophone and Francophone fresh vegetable trades between Africa and Europe.
Anne Tallontire Challenges Facing Fair Trade and Ethical Sourcing: Which Way Now? 2002 Approaching maturity, Fair Trade faces challenges at both ends of the supply chain, reflecting the dual roles of Fair Trade as a business and development instrument.
Pierre McDonagh Communicative campaigns to effect anti-slavery and Fair Trade: The cases of Rugmark and Cafédirect 2002 This inquiry examines the challenge for marketers to foster both anti-slavery and fair trade. Analyzes communicative work to enhance both.
Deborah james Consumer Activism and Corporate Accountability 2002 Sip a steaming brew at Starbucks, and you might associate coffee with prosperity.
Leon Festinger and James M. Carlsmith Cognitive Consequences of Forced Compliance What happens to a person's private opinion if he is forced to do or say something contrary to that opinion? Only recently has there been any experimental work related to this question.