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Collen E. H. Berndt Does Fair Trade coffee help the poor? 2007 Proponents of Fair Trade claim it improves the lives of farmers in developing countries by providing them a higher sale price for their crops, allowing for a higher standard of living, and offering th
Darryl Reed, B. Thomson, Ian Hussey, and Jean-Frederic LeMay Developing a Normatively-Grounded Research Agenda for Fair Trade: Examining the Case of Canada 2012 This paper examines two issues related to research of certified fair trade goods.
Eric Arnould, Alejandro Plastina and Dwayne Ball Does Fair Trade Deliver on Its Core Value Proposition? Effects on Income, Educational Attainment, and Health in Three Countries 2009 Alternative trade organizations (ATOs) based on philosophies of social justice and/or environmental well-being are establishing new channels of trade and marketing.
Karla Utting-chamorro Does fair trade make a difference? 2005 Fair trade represents an innovative approach to make the rules of global trade work for disadvantaged producers in the South and for sustainable development.