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Alastair Michael Smith Evaluating the Criticisms of Fair Trade: How strong is the argument that consumers and businesses should abandon Fair Trade as a means to socialise their economic decisions? 2009 This article critically examines some of the most common arguments used to support the view that Fair Trade should be rejected by consumers and businesses seeking to socialise their economic decisions
Alastair Michael Smith, Lies Craeynest, and Fairtrade Foundation EGALITE, FRATERNITE, SUSTAINABILITE: why the climate revolution must be a fair revolution 2009 The paper highlights how climate change is already affecting producers, reducing crop yields and making their lives more uncertain.
Darryl R. J. Macer , Minakshi Bhardwaj, Fumi Maekawa, And Yuki Niimura Ethical Opportunities In Global Agriculture, Fisheries, And Forestry: The Role For FAO 2003 FAO has a unique and essential role in addressing the ethical problems facing humanity and in making these problems into opportunities for practical resolution.
Guilheme Piers and John Stanton Ethnic Marketing Ethics 2002 Culture plays an important role in defining ethics standards because dissimilar cultures socialize their people differently, according to what is acceptable behaviour.
Iain Davies and Andrew Crane Ethical Decision Making in Fair Trade Companies 2003 This paper reports on a study of ethical decision-making in a fair trade company.
Matthias Zick Varul Ethical Selving in Cultural Contexts: Fairtrade Consumption as an Everyday Ethical Practice in the UK and in Germany 2009 Fairtrade consumers, by enacting their political and moral concerns through consumer choice, are at the same time constructing themselves as ethical selves.Teh author argues that they can only do so b
Michael E. Blowfield Ethical Sourcing: A Contribution to Sustainability or a Diversion? 2012 There is a plethora of codes of practice emerging to help business manage and communicate social and environmental performance, particularly the relationship with suppliers in developing countries.
Michael E. Blowfield Ethical Trade: A Review of Developments and Issues 1999 Ethical trade is a fast growing field both in terms of interest and practice, but one where there is little independent analysis or literature.
Michael K Goodman , Damian Maye, and Lewis Holloway Ethical foodscapes?: premises, promises, and possibilities 2010 This paper provides an introduction to a special issue on Ethical Food-scapes.
Sarah Lyon Evaluating Fair Trade Consumption: Politics, Defetishization, and Producer Participation 2006 This paper combines a critical review of the scholarly literature on fair trade with an analysis of data gathered during 19 months of ethnographic research conducted between 2001 and 2003 among the me
Valéry Bezençon and Sam Blili Ethical Products and Consumer Involvement: What's New? 2009 This paper aims to provide an adequate instrument to measure involvement, its antecedents and its impact on behaviours relating to ethical product consumption, using the case of fair trade.
William Young and Karla Utting Editorial: Fair Trade, Business and Sustainable Development 2005 Fair trade has never been more popular, with worldwide sales soaring.