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Alain d’Astous and Suzanne Mathieu Inciting consumers to buy fairly-traded products: a field experiment 2008 Research on fairly-traded products has shown that changing consumers’ attitudes may not be the best strategy to bring consumers to purchase these products.
Jack W. Brehm Increasing cognitive dissonance by a Fait Accompli The purpose of this paper, then, is to report an experiment in which a fait accompli (an event outside of the person's control) does appear to have increased cognitive dissonance.
Joni Valkila and Anja Nygren Impacts of fair trade certification on coffee farmers, cooperatives, and laborers in Nicaragua 2009 This paper analyzes the possibilities and challenges of Fair Trade certification as a movement seeking to improve the well-being of small-scale coffee growers and coffee laborers in the global South.
Peter Taylor In the Market But Not Of It: Fair Trade Coffee and Forest Stewardship Council Certification as Market-Based Social Change 2002 This paper discusses two well-known market-based social change initiatives, Fair Trade coffee and Forest Stewardship Council certification, which harness market forces to pursue social and environment
Robert Cleverdon Introduction: Fair Trade in Tourism - Applications and Experience 2001 This article is a summary of five papers at a conference specifically about how Fair Trade can be applied to the field of tourism.
Steve Suranovic International Labour and Environmental Standards Agreements: Is This Fair Trade? 2002 Labour and environmental standards agreements are two contentious proposals that have contributed to the failure of the WTO to launch a new round of trade liberalisation discussions and have prevented