Collège Mont Notre-Dame Named Canada’s 19th Fair Trade School

Tuesday, May 1, 2018 | Sherbrooke, Quebec. Collège Mont Notre-Dame received its Fair Trade School designation on Tuesday, May 1st, on the first day of Fairtrade Month.

This designation has been awarded to the Collège by Fairtrade Canada, the Canadian Fair Trade Network and the Association québécoise du commerce equitable, who have acknowledged its outreach activities towards fair trade. The school is the first in the Eastern Townships region, the 9th in Québec and the 19th across Canada to receive Fair Trade School designation.

Collège Mont Notre-Dame has fulfilled the four requirements issued for the Fair Trade School designation: establish a steering committee, demonstrate that fair trade is integrated into the curriculum, make sure that at least two Fairtrade products are available and support communications and an ongoing commitment to increase awareness about fair trade. The Fair Trade School program recognises schools who demonstrate a strong commitment towards fair trade. It is mainly through the Café Solidaire that fair trade products are offered to the students of Mont Notre-Dame.

A student run cooperative, Café Solidaire was established in 2008 by a group of students who participated on a humanitarian trip to Nicaragua and wanted to find actions that would be truly profitable for the people in this country. That’s how the sales of fair trade products began within Mont Notre-Dame, in the mornings and at lunch breaks. Café Solidaire offers smoothies, iced tea, and hot chocolate. “The school has a long history of raising awareness on fair trade issues and currently has a strong steering committee, in-class tuition and a year-round Café Solidaire serving drinks made with Fairtrade ingredients.”, said Julie Francoeur, Executive Director at Fairtrade Canada.

For 10 years, the Café Solidaire has been growing. Almost 90 students, grades one to five, are involved in running the store each year. “With ambitions plans for the future, we are sure that the students at the school will continue to be leaders in the fair trade movement.”, added Mrs. Francoeur. To highlight Fairtrade Month, Café Solidaire organises a Fair Trade Week, from May 1-4, with various activities to promote fair trade within the students community.

Becoming the 9th Fair Trade School in Québec, “Collège Mont Notre-Dame joins a large movement that participates in making a positive impact in the lives of millions of workers and producers in the Global South”, declared Loïc de Fabritus, Project manager for the Association québécoise du commerce equitable. All the students at Mont Notre-Dame acknowledge the proximity and the impacts of Fair Trade when they buy at Café Solidaire.

“It is truly inspiring to see all the hard work and dedication Collège Mont Notre-Dame has put into fair trade initiatives, education and awareness over the past 10 years. I’m convinced that their Fair Trade School designation will only push them to new heights! Congratulations to the students, teachers, administration and everyone else who helped work towards this great achievement”, said Torrye McKenzie, Program Manager at the Canadian Fair Trade Network.

About Collège Mont Notre-Dame

Collège Mont Notre-Dame in a secondary private school for girls located in Sherbrooke, QC, that offers to all its students an International Education Program (PEI) of the International Baccalaureate. A leader in education since 1857, Collège Mont Notre-Dame distinguishes itself by its enriched training and the quality of its educational services. To have more information, visit the website: