Fair Trade Market in Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray Catholic Schools will be hosting their third Fair Trade Market at the Holy Trinity Catholic School on November 20.

The event has been hugely successful in the past, with fair trade products being sold out within two hours.

“We just did not expect the volume of people in that short amount of time,” said Reid in an article published in Fort McMurray Today. “Last year's complaints were that it was too crowded and that the lineups to pay were too long, so we've expanded our space ... and we've got double the amount of cashiers and debit and credit machines, so that we can better accommodate people coming through.”

The event aims to spread awareness of fair trade, while creating support for fair trade products sold through Ten Thousand Villages. Among the holiday selection, shoppers can expect to find fair trade coffee, chocolate, and pashminas that support a women's commune in Bangladesh.

“It's the whole experience of learning about fair trade, shopping for these wonderful wares, and knowing that you're shopping ethically," said Nathalie Reid, teacher advisor for Teens for Change at Holy Trinity, in Fort McMurray Today.