Register now for Kwantlen Polytechnic University's Fair Trade Symposium

Greater Vancouver's first Fair Trade Symposium will be taking place on Tuesday, October 29 at Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU). Hosted by CIR:CLE and KPU with the generous support of the Kwantlen Student Association, the free event will feature a range of conversations that relate to community engagement, academic perspectives, business, and political and non-governmental advocacy.

Things to watch for

Discussion panel with Q+A: The discussion will focus on some of Vancouver and Burnaby's greatest successes in incorporating fair trade into city and institutional procurement. Speakers for the session include

  • Victoria Wakefield, Purchasing Manager, Student Housing & Hospitality Services UBC
  • Mark McLaughlin, Executive Director, Ancillary Services SFU
  • Councillor Andrea Reimer, City of Vancouver
  • Sean McHugh, Executive Director of the Canadian Fair Trade Network (CFTN)

Vendor exhibition where local vendors showcase their products and services.
Discussion on how fair trade could fit into a vision of a socially just and environmentally mindful community, focusing on the Kwantlen community and surrounding host communities. Speakers for the session will include:

  • Paul Richard, Chair and Faculty Member, Environmental Protection Technology Program KPU 
  • Arzo Ansary, Kwantlen Student Association Director of Student Services, Chairperson of the KSA Executive Committee
  • Scott Jacobson, KPU Student 
  • Anna Mathewson, Manager, Sustainability, City of Surrey 

Presentations on how storytelling around fair trade connects and facilitates a sense of community. Speakers will include

  • Stacey Toews, Co-Founder & Communications Catalyst, Level Ground Trading
  • James Milligan, Founder and CEO, Social Conscience Fair Trade Sports Balls.

For more information and registration visit the event website


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