Van Houtte café-bistros go 100% fair trade

Ethcial coffee drinkers in Quebec will be happy to hear that Van Houtte, a Montreal-based coffee roaster, recently announced that its 61 café-bistros in Quebec will begin serving exclusively Fairtrade certified coffee.

This applies to its range of filtered coffees, as well as specialty coffees, including all espressos, lattes, cappaccinos, and mochas.

"Since 1919, Van Houtte has been a pioneer in the coffee field, but it is also a leader in sustainable development. Van Houtte's managers and franchise operators are proud to support coffee-growing communities and to enable their customers to contribute to this support," said Dominic Drouin, senior director, Van Houtte Café Bistro.

GMCR Holding Canada Inc. (GMCR Canada), owner of the Van Houtte brand, has been a partner of Fairtrade Canada since 2000. In 2012, nearly 25% of its coffee supply came from fair trade sources, the equivalent of 65 million pounds of coffee.

GMCR Canada is fully aware of its social and environmental responsibility and is continuing to improve its role as a corporate citizen and providing support to communities. Moreover, GMCR Canada allocates a portion of its annual before-tax revenues to support social and environmental initiatives. In 2012, this represented close to $30 million.