Vanier College Named Canada’s 32nd Fair Trade Campus

Saint Laurent, QC | April 23, 2018.  Mr. John McMahon, Director General of Vanier College is pleased to announce that Vanier has become a Fair Trade Designated Campus. In fact, Vanier College is the second CEGEP in the network and the first Anglophone College to achieve Fair Trade Campus designation in Quebec.

With its Fair Trade Campus designation, Vanier College remains committed to ensuring that its campus cafeteria and student-run Jake’s Co-Op are stocked with 100 percent fair trade coffee, at least three fair trade teas and a minimum of one fair trade chocolate. By advocating for the sale of these products, Vanier College is also demonstrating its support of small-scale farmers and workers so that they can sell their products and maintain their livelihoods. The Fairtrade mark means that the ingredients in these products have been produced by communities that meet Fairtrade social, economic and environmental standards. These standards include protection of workers’ rights and the environment, payment of the Fairtrade Minimum Price and an additional Fairtrade Premium to invest in business or community projects.

“Vanier College is extremely proud to receive Fair Trade Campus designation. Over the years, Vanier has repeatedly demonstrated that we are committed to helping to promote social awareness and economic sustainability,” said John McMahon.

For example, Vanier adopted guidelines for drinking water on campus that includes a policy to prevent the sale and purchase of bottled water while also promoting the use of tap water. At the same time, Vanier College recently launched a community garden to increase the profile of sustainability while providing a showcase for growing food. Finally, in 2014, Vanier College took the lead and became one of the few colleges in Quebec to ban the sale of fried foods and soft drinks on campus. “Once again members of our College’s community will have an occasion to promote dialogue on these extremely important issues while also promoting the sale of diverse food products on campus,” said John McMahon.

“We send our congratulations to Vanier College in Montreal, which today receives its designation as a Fair Trade Campus, the 32nd in Canada and 8th in Quebec. With regular outreach activities and in-class education for first-year students, Vanier College is going to great lengths to let the campus know about the benefits that Fairtrade has for farmers and workers in the Global South. Well done to everyone who contributed to this effort.” Julie Francoeur, Executive Director, Fairtrade Canada

“We welcome Vanier College’s commitment to working with the whole College community to build a sustainable future and educate the youth to build a more sustainable lifestyle, in particular through the Environment Jeunesse’s Cégep Vert program. Becoming a Fair Trade Campus, especially on the day after Earth Day, you demonstrate your continued support to small-scale producers and workers in the Global South and their efforts to maintain a clean environment and sustainable agricultural practices for future generations.” Loïc de Fabritus, Project Manager, Association québécoise du commerce équitable

“Congratulations Vanier College for reaching Fair Trade Campus designation! As the 32nd Fair Trade Campus in Canada you are joining a community of universities and colleges who are actively working to empower producing communities across the globe.” Torrye McKenzie, Program Manager, Canadian Fair Trade Network