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A Guide for Retailers: Creating a Successful Fair Trade Business
Kimberly Grimes

Filled with practical, proven advice from a variety of Fair Trade entrepreneurs, the Guide for Retailers is will help any new Fair Trade business owner dedicate his/her business aspirations in the service of Fair Trade principles.

Alternative Trade: Legacies for the Future
Gavin Fridell

Free trade does not make a significantly positive contribution to a society’s well being, nor does real free trade exist. In Alternative Trade, Gavin Fridell confronts these assumptions through a passionate and rigorous appraisal of alternative trade and its imperfect legacy.

An Overview of Fair Trade in North America
Fair Trade Resource Network

This publication will help readers Uunderstand how Fair Trade relationships in over 60 developing countries enhance the quality of life of producers and their communities, interact with a global community taking action to ease inequities wrought by traditional trade structures and navigate the co

Artisans and Fair Trade: Crafting Development
Mary A. Littrell and Marsha A. Dickson

The apparel group MarketPlace: Handwork of India serves as the perfect case study to provide this missing information.