Fair Bananas! Farmers, Workers and Consumers Strive to Change an Industry

Henry Frundt

Frundt writes with admirable clarity throughout the book, which he has designed for college students who are being introduced to the subject of international trade and for consumers who are interested in issues of development. Frankly, though, Fair Bananas! will appeal to anyone who wants to know more about bananas, including where they come from and how they get from there to here. 

Fair Bananas! is one of the first books to examine the issue of fair-trade bananas. Specifically, it analyzeswhether a farmer-worker-consumer alliance can collaborate to promote a fair-trade label for bananas, which differ from many other fairly-traded commondities: most bananas are grown on plantations, often by unionized workers, and shipped by large transnational corporations. They are also highly perishable. The book eoffers surprising and nuanced insights from banana workers and other stakeholders on the fair trade question, along with statistical and marketing data. It is designed for college students and consumers who seek a deeper understanding of fair-trade issues.