Fair Trade: A Human Journey

Eric St-Pierre

In 350 captivating photographs, this book takes us to the four corners of the planet and right into the lives of the women and men – artisans, peasants, workers – who produce various commodities that are part of our daily lives, people at the bottom of the chain of production who are thirsting for justice.

Through light-filled and colorful landscapes as well as intimate and affecting portraits, this journey around the world in 15 countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America presents 14 fair trade sectors – from the most common, such as handicrafts, coffee and cocoa, to the lesser known, such as shea butter, quinoa and guarana. The author introduces us to producers, describes the processing chain for each product, outlines the advantages and challenges of an option based on solidarity and helps us discover the true face of fair trade: women and men who are building a fairer world.