Javatrekker: Dispatches from the World of Fair Trade Coffee

Dean Cycon

Nine chapters cover ten countries of coffee farmers' struggles with globalization, women's rights, environmental concerns, war and more, while you learn about coffee cultures and customs, politics, languages and dress in these exciting interweavings of travel, social change and responsible business practices.

Behind a single coffee bean lie the stories of countless lives and cultures, of success, opportunity, struggle, and tradition amid a complex global landscape of economics and desire. Founder and owner of Deans Beans Organic Coffee, Dean Cycon is truly one of the few people on Earth who can be described as a professor of coffee. In Javatrekker, Cycon explores the untold origins of coffee through his travels to ten different producing countries. Drawing upon his wide range of experience and study as a coffee roasting entrepreneur, lawyer, activist, and development worker, he shares the unique qualities of the coffee, insight into the lands and culture, and a greater understanding of the economic and personal challenges of bringing each bean to your grinder.