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Image Title Duration Producer Summary
A Thousand Fibers: Binding Together through Fair Trade 33 minutes H. Bruce Wilson and Partners for Just Trade

This film shows real life examples of the Fair Trade Federation’s principles for Fair Trade Organizations. A second version on the same DVD can be used with a Bible study program.

After the Harvest: Fighting Hunger in the Coffeelands 20 minutes Optic Nerve Productions

This documentary was created to accompany a Consumers International report: “A short film that brings the day-to-day challenges of ‘the thin months’ to life in the voices of coffee farmers from Mex

Ants that Moved Mountains 15 minutes Jody Milano

The film credits the Nicaraguan women of the Nueva Vida cooperative with a strong work ethic and a powerful desire to succeed.

Banana Split 47 minutes Kelly Saxbery & Ron Harpelle, Shebandowan Films

As one of the cheapest, most readily available fruits in the supermarket, this film provides an important look at understanding the curvaceous fruit from the herbaceous plant.

Bananas: Interview with Conrad James 2 minutes The Fairtrade Foundation

Conrad James has been selling his bananas into the Fairtrade market for over six years. His farm is 5.6 acres in size and most weeks he harvests around a hundred 18kg boxes of bananas.

Birdsong and Coffee: A Wake Up Call 56 minutes Old Dog Documentaries

Birdsong and Coffee uses a series of interviews to communicate the sincere, respectful relationship that exists through Fair Trade among the parties involved in coffee production.

Black Gold 77 minutes Mark and Nick Francis

Black Gold follows Tadesse Meskela, the leader of an Ethiopian coffee cooperative, on his travels through Africa and around the world seeking a fair price for the coffee grown by cooperative member

Buyer Be Fair: The Promise of Product Certification 55 minutes John De Graaf

Buyer Be Fair takes viewers to Mexico, the Netherlands, the UK, Sweden, the USA and Canada to explore how conscious consumers and businesses can use the market to promote social justice and environ

Calcutta Hilton 23 minutes Sinclair Enterprises

The Hiltons are just your average Kiwi family, but the textile manufacturing business they have established is anything but average.

Cocoa Fair Trade in Ecuador about 5 minutes

Fair trade is primarily focused on social benefits for small producers who have limited access to world markets and a weak bargaining position in relation to intermediate traders (middlemen).

Coffee with the Taste of the Moon 30 minutes Organic Consumers Association

The documentary film introduces viewers to the people who are producers and consumers of the most traded commodity in the world after oil- coffee.

Connected by Coffee Stone Hut Studios

The film follows two North American coffee roasters on a 1,000-mile journey across Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua to listen to the stories of the people who grow their coffee.

Fair Trade Advert 1,5 minutes

This minute and a half video features a man trying to get change.

Fair Trade Bananas in the Dominion Republic 3 minutes The Fairtrade Foundation

This short film documents two Fairtrade certified producer organisations, BANELINO and ASOBANU in the Dominican Republic.

Fairtrade Coffee in Uganda 3,5 minutes GreenTV

This video by GreenTV explains the process of FT approval for coffee growers in Uganda. Through interviews, it shows the positive effects in the lives of Ugandan coffee growers.

Fairtrade Cotton in Cameroon 9 minutes The Fair Trade Foundation

This short film shows the impact that Fairtrade is having on cotton farmers in several villages in Cameroon.

Five Years of Fair Trade Chocolate 5 minutes The

The success of the Fairtrade/ Co-operative relationship has enabled Kuapa Kokoo to provide their farmers with clean water, schools for the local communities – and because the schools have modern fa

Free Vs. Fair Trade 10 minutes

This is a really well put together video, with lots of interviews from leaders of the FT movement and some celebrities. For a 10 min.

From Crop to Cup 22 minutes Lutheran World Relief

From Crop to Cup explains that consumers can do right by Nicaraguan farmers by purchasing Fair Trade coffee like Equal Exchange, partner of the Lutheran World Relief Coffee project.

Grains of Change Carolyn Barnwell, ENGAGE Video Journey

Barnwell travels through Northern Thailand to speak with organic rice farmers who are practicing sustainable agriculture and are Fair Trade-certified.

Inside Fairtrade fashion – a day in the life of People Tree 6 minutes


Just Coffee 20 minutes Consumers International

This documentary was created to accompany a Consumers International report: “From bean to cup: how consumer choice impacts upon coffee producers and the environment.” The

Organic Cotton 15 minutes Pesticide Action Network

A documentary film about organic cotton production in Benin, the health effect of pesticides used in conventional cotton, and the power of consumers.

Pa Pa Paa Multiple Lenghts Comic Relief

This DVD accompanies a series of educational tools and photographs produced for British schoolteachers to aid in teaching primary school children about Fair Trade and Ghanaian cocoa growers.

Sir Steve Redgrave visits Mali 6 minutes The Fairtrade Foundation

This short film documents Sir Steve Redgrave's trip to Mali to meet cotton farmers that are members of a Fairtrade co-operative.

Swap your choc about 3 minutes The Fairtrade Foundation

Short film about the cocoa farmers from Ghana whose lives are benefiting from Fairtrade

Tea Workers in India 7 minutes Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO)

Tea Worker in India shows the impact that Fairtrade is having on the lives of tea workers and their families in a tea estate in Southern India.

The business case for Fairtrade cotton about 4 minutes The Fairtrade Foundation

Lisa Butcher's visit to cotton farmers in Gujarat, India highlights the opportunity for the fashion industry to make Fairtrade cotton the norm.

The Cost of...Cotton 22 minutes BBC NEWS

To find out, the programme tracked the increase in price of a kilogram of cotton as it is made into a t-shirt.

The Dark Side of Chocolate 45 minutes Miki Mistrati and U. Robert Romano

The Dark Side of Chocolate goes undercover to Mali and Ivory Coast to document child trafficking, forced labor and other worst forms of child labor that should have been eliminated under t

The Power of Trading Fairly 17 minutes Lisa Stratton

The Power of Trading Fairly showcases three stories of established, long-term partnerships with artisan groups in Kenya (stonework), Guatemala (beadwork) and Bangladesh (palm work).

The Price of Sugar 90 minutes Bill Haney

Narrated by Paul Newman, The Price of Sugar follows Father Christopher Hartley, a charismatic Spanish priest, as he organizes some of this hemisphere’s poorest people to fight for their ba

The True Cost 1:32 Andrew Morgan

Filmed in countries all over the world, from the brightest runways to the darkest slums, and featuring interviews with the world’s leading influencers including Stella McCartney, Livia Firth

Trade Aid: Alternative trade in a conventional world 20 minutes in 2 parts Independent Study Unit for World Issues

Trade Aid does a good job in this video explaining what is Fair Trade and why it works in the developing world.

Traidcraft in Bangladesh 9 minutes Mark Batey

A Traidcraft volunteer gets a chance to meet a group of women in Bangladesh who produce some of the goods she sells.