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Image Title Duration Producer Summary
Fair Trade Advert 1,5 minutes

This minute and a half video features a man trying to get change.

Fair Trade Bananas in the Dominion Republic 3 minutes The Fairtrade Foundation

This short film documents two Fairtrade certified producer organisations, BANELINO and ASOBANU in the Dominican Republic.

Fairtrade Coffee in Uganda 3,5 minutes GreenTV

This video by GreenTV explains the process of FT approval for coffee growers in Uganda. Through interviews, it shows the positive effects in the lives of Ugandan coffee growers.

Fairtrade Cotton in Cameroon 9 minutes The Fair Trade Foundation

This short film shows the impact that Fairtrade is having on cotton farmers in several villages in Cameroon.

Five Years of Fair Trade Chocolate 5 minutes The

The success of the Fairtrade/ Co-operative relationship has enabled Kuapa Kokoo to provide their farmers with clean water, schools for the local communities – and because the schools have modern fa

Free Vs. Fair Trade 10 minutes

This is a really well put together video, with lots of interviews from leaders of the FT movement and some celebrities. For a 10 min.

From Crop to Cup 22 minutes Lutheran World Relief

From Crop to Cup explains that consumers can do right by Nicaraguan farmers by purchasing Fair Trade coffee like Equal Exchange, partner of the Lutheran World Relief Coffee project.