Sean McHugh - Executive Director
Sean McHugh

Sean is the founder and Executive Director of the Canadian Fair Trade Network (CFTN). Sean’s passion for global sustainability, grew out of international travel (2004-2009) and time spent working in Kenya. Sean moved back to Vancouver in 2009, and got involved with Fair Trade Vancouver, helping the city become Canada’s 11th Fair Trade Designated Town. Sean later became the organizations Executive Director, where his work included working with the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University in their becoming Canada’s 1st and 2nd Fair Trade Designated Campuses. In 2011, Sean founded the Canadian Fair Trade Network, as an effort to build a stronger, more organized social movement in Canada. Sean has overseen the expansion of numerous programs, has led the planning of seven national conferences, and developed and grown the organizations bi-annual publication, Fair Trade Magazine. Sean represents Canada on the International Fair Trade Towns Committee.

Elysha Fong - SFU Fair Trade Campus Lead

ElyshaElysha is completing her BA in Psychology and Early Learning at Simon Fraser University. A passion for travel and social justice inspired her involvement in the Fair Trade Campus program after she participated in the 2018 Fair Trade Origin Trip to Peru. That experience continues to motivate her work toward an ethical and sustainable future. Outside of fair trade, Elysha is a lifeguard, fitness instructor, triathlon coach, and wannabe trail runner. 

Erik Johnson - Editor, Designer, Fair Trade Magazine Lead


Erik is a self-employed writer, editor, and print designer whose love for fair trade coffee helps fuel his contributions to a variety of print and online publishing projects. His diverse editing experience includes working with plays, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, ad copy, technical reports, and magazines. For Fair Trade Magazine, Erik was involved from the outset, copy-editing and proofreading the first issue. Since, he has enjoyed seeing his role expand, taking on a gamut of production tasks, from feature writing to page layout and everything in between.


Bryce Tarling - Editor
Bryce Tarling
Bryce Tarling is a writer and editor with experience working with non-profit organizations and magazines. As an advocate for social sustainability, he has spent several years working with Fair Trade Vancouver, promoting education and awareness of fair trade products in the Lower Mainland. He has also spent time in Mexico living and working with members of an organic farming co-operative. He holds a diploma in professional writing and editing, a BA in English and sociology, and a BEd in secondary English education.