flightGetting there and away

Vancouver Interntional Airport is Vancouver's international airport. Air Canada, Westjet and various other airlines fly to Vancouver on a regular basis. We suggest arriving late afternoon/early evening on the 1st, so you have time to orient and acquaint yourself. We also suggest you book early to find the best rates!

  • Travel support - While our budget is limited, we will do everything we can to support you. Travel stipends are available to those who need them only. If your business, organization or institution is able to support you, we ask that you explore that option first. If there are no other options, please contact us.
  • We will allocate financial resources on a case by case basis. Our decisions will be based on need, distance travelled and available resources. Please send your request through to info(at) Please include your name, your email, your cell number, who you're affiliated with, where you will be travelling from and your requested amount. We won't be able to cover the full amount and we won't be able to support everyone, but we will do what we can to get you there!
  • For those of you coming in from nearby, buses are available. While if you're driving, please make arrangements with the hotel for parking. Furthermore, if you are driving in and have space in your car, please do let us know, as we can help arrange car pools.
directionsDirections from the airport
  • The Canada line leaves directly from the airport, and brings you within blocks of the conference centre and hotel.

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