On October 4, the fair trade movement in Canada will be losing a key leader as Jennifer Williams steps down from her position as the CEO of La Siembra (Camino). After 10 years at the helm, Jennifer Williams will be missed. 

–Letter from the La Siembra Board of Directors–

July 10, 2013

Dear Partners and Stakeholders

It is with regret that the board of directors of La Siembra Co-operative formally accepts the resignation of Jennifer Williams, CEO who will be stepping down from the helm effective October 4th, 2013.

In her 10 years with the co-operative, Jennifer has facilitated a compelling and inspirational vision, mission and organizational purpose for La Siembra and its members. Her visionary leadership and entrepreneurial spirit have propelled La Siembra and the Camino brand forward as an outstanding model for social enterprise and as a national and international leader in the world of fair trade and organic cocoa, sugar and coffee. 

Jennifer has worked tirelessly to advocate for the fair trade movement in Canada and abroad, advancing the social, economic and environmental well being of our small-scale family farmers and deepening La Siembra’s engagement with producer co-operatives globally. 

The board of directors would like to acknowledge the enormous contributions Jennifer has made to the growth and development of La Siembra over the last 10 years and the invaluable legacy that she will leave behind for many years to come. For that, and so much more, we thank her.

Together, the Board of Directors and management have implemented a succession strategy to replace Jennifer effective October 2013. This strategy will provide the business continuity required to execute the strategic direction set out at the beginning of this fiscal year, while continuing to support the mission, vision and values of the co-operative, its members and our stakeholders.

Yours Sincerely and In Cooperation,

The Board of La Siembra:

Kelly Storie

Shannon Devine

Linda Ullyett

Jason Sooch

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