As you may or may not know, Michael Zelmer will soon be finishing his role as Director of Communications at Fairtrade Canada. After five years, Michael is relocating with his wife and daughter to Edmonton.

While we can be sure Michael won’t disappear entirely, his professional capacity at Fairtrade Canada has made him one of the leading personalities in the movement. Michael has committed 12 years to fair trade in Canada, having been a part of developments at the University of British Columbia, the City of Vancouver, and the fair trade coffee and tea network—among many, many others.

In recent years, Michael’s support of civil society, community groups, universities, and many individuals passionate about fair trade has helped build a robust and engaged movement within Canada. Many of our successes can be attributed to Michael’s many years of foundational work.

For the many of us who have had the pleasure of working, chatting and becoming friends with Michael, his commitment to strong communities of support, in combination with his expectations for constant improvement, will leave a void that will not be easily filled.

The working team and the board of directors of the CFTN wish Michael all the best with his next undertaking.


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