The Canadian Fair Trade Network believes that connecting with producers firsthand is essential in changing how we think about and look at the products that we purchase each day. 

We believe that it is important to understand agriculture and how we come to see products on our grocery store shelves, given our global economic model. Fair trade must be linked to this understanding, by meeting and talking with the actual people who either grow or make the products that we buy. Hearing from farmers and producers themselves, is therefore key to understanding these systems, and to ethical purchasing, a practice which has the capacity to drive wide scale social change, globally. 

The CFTN organizes these trips to get people to origin, to get that experience, so that they can bring it back to their place of work, and drive change at home.

Upcoming Trip – Costa Rica 2016
-Visit Costa Rican co-operatives producing Fairtrade certified cocoa, coffee, sugar and fruit.
-Connect with producers and see the tangible benefits of fair trade in their communities.
-Gain an in-depth understanding of the complexities and realities of fair trade.
Trip Details:
-Dates: November 7-12
-Cost $2995 per person
-Download the Trip Overview and complete the questionnaire by September 23rd, 2016
-Download the Trip Plan for further details on the itinerary now

Previous Trips
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