November 18, 2016 | Oka, Quebec. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of its World Shop, Oka High School has become the 12th Fair Trade School in Canada and the 7th in Quebec.

The World Shop at Oka Secondary School is a small social economy enterprise run entirely by high school students. It has been promoting fair trade for 10 years and was the first World Shop in Quebec, sponsored by Oxfam-Québec in 2006. Since then they have inspired the establishment of more than twenty others across Quebec.

“Through its Magasin du Monde (World Shop), Oka Secondary School demonstrates the effectiveness of an education that is driven by young people. Education is a key element of fair trade, along with consumption that considers dignity, respect for rights, solidarity among peoples, the environment and other important values. This is an important mandate for students at the Magasin du Monde and the École équitable at Oka High School. I am proud to be involved and I congratulate everyone else who has been involved, on a job well done. François Gervais, animator of spiritual life and community involvement (AVSEC), accompanist of the World Shop in Oka.

“Oka high school is a pioneer for the Magasin du Monde network in Quebec, they have been a dynamic and an inspiring leader for ten years now. The undeniable commitment of the students and stakeholders who have devoted themselves to this project has spread throughout the school, their community and beyond. It was not only a great pleasure to follow them over the years, but above all, a great privilege to share their overflowing energy. – Éric St-Pierre, Association québécoise du commerce équitable (AQCE)

“Oka High School is distinguished by its desire to create young citizens who shape the world through their values of justice, peace and fairness. For the past 10 years, we have been proud of Oxfam-Québec for supporting its young leaders who have helped change the world one step at a time. Once again, the Oka World Shop community is distinguished by the status of a Fair Trade School: young visionaries, committed and open to the world. “, Geneviève-Gaël Vanasse, program coordinator in Quebec at Oxfam-Québec and co-designer of the Magasin du Monde project in Quebec.

“Congratulations to Oka High School on becoming a Designated Fair Trade School. Your persistence and tenacity contribute greatly to positive impact for workers and farmers as well as for their families and communities. Thank you for your passion for sustainability and social justice. “- Mélissa Dubé, Community Relations Manager, Fairtrade Canada.

“It is with great pleasure that I get to congratulate Oka High School on becoming a Fair Trade School! A highly deserved designation for a school devoted to fair trade for many years. You are a great inspiration “- Sean McHugh, Executive Director, Canadian Fair Trade Network.

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