April 28th, 2017 | La Prairie, Quebec. École de La Magdeleine has been named Canada’s 15th Fair Trade School!

École de Le Magdeleine has become the 8th Fair Trade designated School in Quebec, and 15th in Canada! The designation comes after a great deal of work from students involved in the schools Magasin du Monde project! The new designation was celebrate at a school wide event on the 28th of April, and staff and students at Magdeleine are thrilled to be part of the fair trade movement.

“Congratulations to École de la Magdeleine for their Fair Trade School designation! The entire team at the Magasin du Monde played a key role in this achievement and the Oxfam-Québec program continues to forge leaders in social and trade justice. The people involved in this designation are right to be proud and we welcome their commitment! Looking forward to seeing what the school will do next!” Mélissa Dubé, Outreach Manager, Fairtrade Canada

It is with great pleasure to be able to congratulate École de la Magdeleine on becoming Canada’s 15th Fair Trade Designated School. It is inspiring to see such drive and motivation” Sean McHugh, Executive Director, Canadian Fair Trade Network.

“We would like to highlight the undeniable commitment of la Magdeleine Secondary School to fair trade, and its great desire to share these values throughout its community, including a library of teaching tools for teachers, a day of youth involvement and visits to schools in the region!”, Loïc de Fabritus, Project Manager, AQCÉ

“Oxfam-Québec is proud that a Worldshop is at the heart of a new designation as Fair Trade School! It’s impressive to see how a whole school embraces the cause of fair trade and integrates it into its daily life, from the coffee served to teachers to the curriculum of many classes. Congratulations to all the students and school workers for this beautiful recognition, with a special mention to Jacob Gauthier, President of the worldshop, who knew how to steer this project with brilliance!” Éric St-Pierre, Mobilization Agent, Oxfam-Québec

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