Student Korina Liversage from the University of Ottawa and a student yet to be selected from McGill University will be joining this year’s Origin Trip to Peru, taking place in November. Their trip will be fully financed by a fund put together through the World’s Largest Fair Trade Bakesale of 2017, in which both of their campuses participated. 

The fund, administered by the CFTN, is meant to support students in their learning journey about fair trade. As Korina Liversage puts it: “the trip to Peru will let me see how co-operative farms work in real time, which is far more potent in learning than any amount of internet researching could do.”

The two students will be joined by two more students from Simon Fraser University, which for the past two years has directly sponsored students to attend the trip and share their experiences with the campus community.

The CFTN celebrates and thanks the many Fair Trade Campus champions that contributed to last year’s Bake Sale and enabled these two students to personally experience what it means to be a farmer at a Fairtrade co-operative in the global South.

Although no official Bake Sale will be taking place this year, many campuses will still be organizing one independently, so keep an eye out for delicious treats on September 27th! Campuses can also participate in the National Campus Week Challenge for a chance to win year-long Fairtrade-certified chocolate on campus! More details here.

Want to know more about the Fair Trade Campus Week? Check out this link!

Photo description: Last year’s Origin Trip participants in Ecuador visiting Cerro Azul

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