September 27th, 2018 | Quebec City, QC. 

The Fair Trade Campus program recognizes colleges and universities with a strong commitment to fair trade. It demonstrates a long-term vision for widespread awareness and an important support for fair trade on Canadian campuses and in their wider communities.

“We have yet another reason to celebrate during Fair Trade Campus Week – today we welcome the designation of Cegep Champlain St. Lawrence, the first Fair Trade Campus in the Quebec City region and the 34th in Canada. The Fair Trade Campus Program recognizes universities and colleges that support the concept of a fair deal for Fairtrade producers of the Global South. With seasonal events featuring Fairtrade products as well as school-wide promotion and in-class tuition about the fair trade movement, the 900 students of Cegep Champlain St. Lawrence are clearly committed to making a difference for farmers and workers. Congratulations to everyone involved in achieving this designation.” – Julie Francoeur, Executive Director, Fairtrade Canada

Loïc de Fabritus, project manager at the Quebec Fair Trade Association, commented that “by offering fair trade certified products to your students and by your efforts in educating the whole college community on the importance of changing the rules of international trade, you are making a positive difference in the lives of famers and workers in the Global South”.

The Cégep schools have been very supportive of Fair Trade, and we hope to welcome even more of them into the Fair Trade Campus community. “Students play a key role in defending commercial justice around the world. As future policy-makers and business leaders, we believe that students drive the movement toward a more sustainable and equitable world. The campus community at Champlain St-Lawrence has proven this today through its commitment to Fair Trade.’’ – Sean McHugh, Executive Director of the Canadian Fair Trade Network.

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