Humber’s support for Fair Trade started more than a year ago when a Steering Committee was formed to achieve Fair Trade Campus Designation at the Lakeshore Campus. With North campus now on board, Humber College is the first college in Ontario to have multiple campuses that are Fair Trade designated!

“Humber North has shown true commitment to creating a sustainable and socially responsible campus. As winners of the Fair Trade Campus Week All-Star challenge and now as Canada’s 35th Fair Trade Campus, we’re privileged to have such leaders representing our Fair Trade Campus community.” Julie Francoeur, Executive Director of Fairtrade Canada.

All non-franchised food service outlets at Humber College, including those operated by the School of Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism, now offer 100 per cent Fairtrade coffee and 3 or more types of Fairtrade teas. Fairtrade chocolate is also available at all chocolate-selling locations and vending machines across both campuses. The College’s vision of creating a culture of sustainability is embodied by, among other great programs, their Fair Trade designation as they prioritize the livelihoods and working conditions of farmers and workers.

“It is with great pleasure that we welcome Humber College’s North Campus and its 19,000 students into the Fair Trade Campus community. Humber continues to lead the way by involving its students and staff in initiatives that directly benefit farmers and producers in the Global South and strengthen environmental practices in these communities. Congratulations!” Sean McHugh, Executive Director of the Canadian Fair Trade Network.

Other notable sustainability initiatives from Humber College include the Soup Bar, a pay-what-you-can food service at Humber that collects food and food byproducts destined for landfills and transforms it into healthy and nutritious soups.

Humber College President, Dr. Chris Whitaker notes, “We ask our students to be good stewards of the environment and be model citizens in their communities. We hope that their education at Humber College brings knowledge, passion and enthusiasm towards social and environmental activism such as Fair Trade.”

With every sustainable initiative, Humber aims to contribute to one or more of the 17 UN’s Sustainable Development goals. Humber College also recently signed the Okanagan Charter with a commitment to infusing health and sustainability into its decision-making, and becoming the healthiest campus in Canada. Humber North’s Fair Trade designation is just one step closer to achieving that goal.

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