Fairtrade Month, led by Fairtrade Canada

Many Canadian businesses are involved with buying, selling or distributing Fairtrade products, and they all play a role in empowering the 1.7 million Fairtrade farmers and workers in the Global South.

Campaigners across the country work tirelessly to grow the fair trade movement through public events, advocacy work, and Program designations.

Canadians are increasingly looking for products with strong commitments to social responsibility. Fairtrade Month is a great opportunity for businesses to champion your commitment to fairer trade practices, and for campaigners to help convince more people to shop with their values in mind.

We provide digital and physical assets, action guides, and event suggestions, to help spread the word about Fairtrade products and the real benefits that the system provides to producers.

Learn More: https://fairtrade.ca/take-action/campaigns/fairtrade-month/

World Fair Trade Day, led by the World Fair Trade Organization 

World Fair Trade Day is coming up fast and we wanted to share that this years’ theme is ‘Build Back Fairer’.

As part of this year’s WFTD, the WFTO has created a section called ‘Hall of Fame’. This is dedicated to government officials, partners and policy makers who are supporting Fair Trade.

We hope that you would be able to participate by sharing a photo of yourself with the Build Back Fairer poster. As well, it would be great if you could ask local officials to also participate in the campaign and share a photo of themselves with the poster.

We are hoping to share this with other FTT campaigners next week, and it would be great if we could share these photos with them then.

The poster is downloadable via the website: https://wfto.com/fairtradeday2021/