Members of the Canadian Fair Trade Network have the opportunity become part of a wider community of fair trade advocates in Canada. Membership allows you to get involved, stay connected, and vote on the strategic direction of the organization at our Annual General Meeting (AGM). Members also have the opportunity to run for a seat on the board of directors (eligibility subject to bylaws) and contribute to the wider movement.

The Canadian Fair Trade Network values the role of all members in supporting our mission and vision, as we work to build a movement of active global citizens. Our aim is to deepen and broaden the engagement of a diverse membership to support our programs, campaigns, outreach, and fundraising activities. By contributing time, energy, knowledge, money, and speaking out for change, members advance our mission of driving the fair trade movement in Canada and around the world forward.

A member of the Canadian Fair Trade Network is any individual who supports the vision and mission, who registers as a member of the organization and pays the annual membership fee. All members are encouraged to contribute to the Fair Trade movement by taking action in campaigns, volunteering, and donating as they are able.