About Us


At the Canadian Fair Trade Network (CFTN), we want to empower Canadians to take action and make a positive global impact. We developed our strategic plan and set goals that encompass our core pillars: Support the grassroots fair trade movement, ensure integrity in fair trade, Nurture the fair trade business community, and engage our elected representatives. 


  • There are 7.5 billion people on planet earth. We share the same basic needs and wants, yet many lack access to clean water, nutritious food, quality education, and/or basic health care.
  • The World Bank estimates that over 800 million people live on less than US $1.90 a day.
  • Small-scale farmers produce over 70 percent of the world’s food, often while living in poverty.
  • Inequality plagues the global economy: The eight richest people now hold as much wealth as the poorest 3.6 billion—that’s half the world’s population.
  • Most people lack basic rights and freedoms including freedom of thought, freedom of association, right to peaceful assembly, right to vote, ability to travel, basic security, and a free press.
  • We are pushing our environment to its breaking point.

It’s time to change all of this and build something new and better.

Ending poverty, confronting climate change, and securing human rights for everyone are incredible challenges. But achieving these goals is possible. Canadians can lead the way and initiate change. As individuals, we can learn about trade, alter our buying habits to reflect a global mindset, and seek fair trade products whenever possible. We can also work together and lobby our public institutions and municipal, provincial, and federal governments to adopt policies that can lead to a fair, sustainable world.

Our vision.
We want to see a fair, sustainable world led by thoughtful, motivated, and informed Canadians.

Our mission.
We aim to inspire and strengthen a network of fair trade leaders and advocates. Together we will work to realize our vision.

Our strategy.
We will focus our efforts on four core pillars:

  • Support the grassroots movement
  • Ensure integrity in fair trade
  • Nurture fair trade businesses
  • Engaging our elected representatives

2020 Strategic Framework