Camino is a Canadian brand of fair trade and organic food products, owned by the Ottawa-based La Siembra Co-operative. La Siembra works directly with 18 producer co-ops, supporting more than 35,000 family farmers in 10 countries across Central and South America, and Southeast Asia.

Every purchase of a Camino product contributes to building vibrant sustainable communities both abroad and in Canada, by supporting what we call the joyful food revolution.

Camino products are available all across Canada through natural health food stores and some major grocery retailers. Visit our store finder to locate a retailer near you! Camino products are also now available at the tip of your fingers via our webstore.

A Canadian story: A Canadian co-op

Camino is owned by La Siembra Co-operative in the Ottawa-Gatineau region of Canada. La siembra means “sowing” or “planting time” in Spanish, a symbol for the seeds of change we are sowing through our co-operative and fair trade business models.

Chocolate, sugar, coffee – oh my!  Camino offers you a wide range of Fairtrade and Organic certified food products, everything from our Cuisine Camino line for your everyday baking needs, to our new Chocolate-covered treat line, perfect for satisfying any little cravings.

Available Products: