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Brink Lindsey Grounds for Complaint: Fair Trade and the Coffee Crisis 2004 While affluent consumers in rich countries pay several dollars for a cup of latte at the local Starbucks, millions of small-scale coffee farmers are struggling as coffee bean prices have plummeted to
Candace Archer and Stefan Fritsch Global fair trade: Humanizing globalization and reintroducing the normative to international political economy 2010 Since the mid-1990s fair trade has gained consumers and public attention, but IPE scholars have had little to say about this new phenomenon.
Clive Barnett Governing the Subjects and Spaces of Ethical Consumption: Full Research Report. 2007 Literature on sustainable consumption have focused on the potential of consumer agency as a driver of changes in overall patterns of consumption.
Kate MacDonald Globalising Justice within Coffee Supply Chains? Fair Trade, Starbucks and the transformation of supply chain governance 2007 This paper reviews a range of initiatives that attempt transform the global institutional arrangements through which production and trade of coffee is organise
Nicki Lisa Cole GLOBAL CAPITALISM ORGANIZING KNOWLEDGE OF RACE, GENDER AND CLASS: THE CASE OF SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE COFFEE 2008 What knowledge travels along, and is injected into, the global commodity chain of coffee, on its path from tree to cup?
Olaf Paulsen Globalization of a Special Kind 1998 In the first of two articles about current sales of tea under Fair Trade initiatives, Olaf Paulsen, tea register coordinator, explains the new structure of the organization.
Stephanie Barrientos Globalization and Ethical Trade: Assessing the Implications for Development 2000 Ethical trade has arisen in the context of globalization. Globalization has been associated with economic liberalization and deregulation of labour markets.
Vincent Terstappen, Lori Hanson and Darrell McLaughlin Gender, health, labor, and inequities: a review of the fair and alternative trade literature 2012 The results highlight gender, health, and labor dimensions of fair and alternative trade systems and suggest that diverse groups of producers and workers may be experiencing related inequities.